The green signs and the signface reveal that you are in South America. Motorway exit are only announced quite shortly before the actual exit: 500 meter if you're lucky. Maybe that's caused by the fact that Lima's roads are always so congested that a 500 meter sign leaves you plenty of time to make the exit? In any event, in metropolitan Lima signs will primarily show the name of the intersecting road, only showing the name of the relevant areas of town between brackets. Once you make your way out of town, the names of the actual places are shown. Exit numbers goes by the nearest kilometer. Forms of reassurance are scarce in Peru: you'll hardly ever see a confirmation of the road number (maybe a trailblazer every 200 kilometers) or a distance sign. Maybe toll stations are your best bet to see either of them. The distance sign shown is not on a motorway, but is in the form you would encounter it on a motorway anyway.

Motorway signs
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