The Netherlands

A new standard of motorway signage is being introduced in the Netherlands. Watch this space. The signs below show the old situation, which starts with a sign at 1200 meters showing all the exit destinations. This was then repeated at 600 meters. On a road not using overhead signage, a pull-through sign would be placed at 300 meters, followed by an ID sign that is identical to the two AD signs. Where overhead signage is used, however, the pull-through sign is not placed at 300 meters, but overhead next to the ID sign. This is the situation on the pictures below. With distances already being shown prior to the exit, the Netherlands does not use distance signs after the exit.

As one of the few nations in Europe, the Dutch signs show no different colours to show whether a road is a motorway or a non-motorway. They experimented it in the 1970s, liked the idea but decided not to implement any further because it was too expensive. Sigh ...

Motorway signs
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