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Netherlands The Netherlands
Location: A15 (Rotterdam - Nijmegen)

This combination of overhead exit sign and pull-through sign is the rule on roads of 3 lanes or more. On other roads, you mostly find the pull-through sign some 300m before the exit, with the exit sign itself placed just as the exit lane starts.

New Zealand
Location: SH18 (Western Auckland Ring Road)

Name and number of the exit. The pull-through sign shows the control city for SR18, as well as an indication that you're travelling in a westerly direction.
Photo: Ben / Auckland Motorways

Norway The Netherlands
Location: E6 (Oslo - Göteborg)

Exit destinations, exit number, intersecting road number and the services on the exit. Road 118 is an exit destination in itself.
Photo: Ingenioren

Location: Ruta 1S (Panamericana Sur: Lima - Tacna)

A complete repeat of the first approach sign and the similar sign you would find at 250 meters: exit destinations and exit number. In other words: you won't get any pull-through information on Peruvian motorways (or other roads for that matter). The not-to-be-missed yellow sign to the right of the ID sign is a standard feature on these exit signs, too.

Poland Poland
Location: A4 (Dresden - Wroclaw - Kraków).

Control city and exit destinations in stack form.
Photo: Ceske Dalnice

Location: A24 (Viseu - Verin)

All exit destinations in a list. Unlike the AD signs, this information is placed on a white sign (which is the colour used for locals roads in Portugal). Must be something for the Iberic peninsula. For the road ahead, the road number is written in plain text, but no European road number is given. Apart from the control city, the sign refers to a different part of town (the North of town, where you'd reach the South through this exit).
Photo: Seppl

Slovakia Slovakia
Location: D1 (Bratislava - Košice)

Overhead sign showing directions for the exit and a few destinations for the road ahead. While the pull-through sign shows European road numbers, the Slovak road number D1 is AWOL here. It is to be noted that this information is repeated another time where the exit actually diverges from the motorway.
Photo: RipleyLV

Location: A2 (Klagenfurt - Ljubljana)

Exit sign is mostly overhead, showing the control city on the pull-through sign and all directions of the exit on the exit sign
Photo: Rien / Belgian Roads

South Africa South Africa
Location: N12 (Johannesburg - Ermelo)

Directions for the exit, road number and exit number.

Location: AP-2 (Barcelona - Zaragoza)

Exit sign is mostly overhead, showing a number of major cities ahead on the pull-through sign and all directions of the exit on the exit sign. Unlike the AD signs, the exit sign is white, which is the usual background colour for non-motorway destinations. Furthermore, note the dash in the European road number. This is common in Spain, but odd by European standards.
Photo: Chris / Dutch Roadgeek Blog

Swaziland Swaziland
Location: MR3 (Mbabane - Manzani)

Just the directions of the exit. Hardly visible on the photo (one would have hoped for a different font) is the road number for the road to Lozitha. It's specifically for that road, not for the road to Tibiyo Offices.

Location: E6 (Malmö - Oslo)

All directions of the exit on one large sign with another right-hand side running askew.
Photo: Chris / Dutch Roadgeek Blog

Switzerland Switzerland
Location: A2 (Basel - Chiasso).

The directions of the exit and the exit number. Blue background colour denotes a non-motorway through road.

Location: National Highway 1 (Keelung - Kaohsiung)

All the destinations for the exit, the road number and the exit number. The pull-through sign is "split" for no apparent reason. Each of the lanes leads to both Siluo and Dounan.
Photo: Darren Hodges / Signspotters

Thailand Thailand
Location: Route 9 (Bangkok ring road).

The exit destinations and destinations for the road ahead. The background colour of the road number shows that the intersecting road is a non-tolled expressway.

Location: A1 (Tunis - Sfax).

Exit destinations on a white background together with the route number. For the pull-through sign, the focal points are the control city, Sousse, and the name of the next exit, Enfidha.
Photo: Igorlan

UK United Kingdom
Location: M4 (London - Cardiff).

Exit destinations and up to four onward destinations, all on a fork sign. In my view not really a sign for the aesthetically minded.

United States of America
Location: I-280 (San Francisco - San Jose)

The destinations of the first approach sign return on this interchange directional sign. Guidance signage in the United States is always green, so unlike most European countries, the signs do not give information as to the type of road you're on or the type of road you're intersecting. Services on the other hand, are always signposted against a blue background.
Photo: Marcel Monterie

Vietnam Vietnam
Location: QL1 (Chinese border - Hanoi)

One focal point for the ongoing direction, one for the exit and some distances on the sign, too. Don't expect any consistency in 'Nam, even though you can be sure that there's consistently no exit number.

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