As far as signage is concerned, Austria is often discussed as a member of the axis of evil. A complete lack of consistency and signs that are too small to read at 120 km/h. This makes it tough to select typical Austrian signs, because the next exit may be different on at least one or two points. Take exit numbering: introduced in Austria at least ten years ago, the signs of this exit do not show the exit number yet. It should have been placed on the top right corner of the AD signs and the ID sign. The name of the next exit is featured on some AD signs, but is not on many others. The same goes for the ID signs. Anyway, a typical Austrian exit does start with an ID sign showing the control city, the name of the exit and the relevant road numbers. And sometimes other info as well. What follows is a blue and white sign showing the name of the exit against a blue background and some minor destinations that can be reached through the exit on a white background. Then there's the ID sign and after the exit you'll get a reassurance sign.

And then there's this overhead sign. Yes, it's typically Austria to see a mess like that.

Motorway signs
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