The Rugby Pub List

The Rugby Pub list is a project originating from the Rugby Union newsgroup, which has found its WWW basis here. Every now and then, the newsgroup sees postings which ask where to watch a Rugby match in a pub in (insert any city here). It seemed a good idea to create a more permanent resource of Rugby pubs we have got to know over the years and this is it. As finding places to watch rugby is more straightforward in the traditional rugby-playing countries, this list has evolved into a list of places to watch in the non-rugby-playing countries. In places like South Africa and New Zealand, don't worry that the list is fairly short and walk into any pub next door ...

This is not a Guide Michelin to Rugby Pubs. Every entry I receive will make it onto the list without verification upon reception or at any moment later on. With good places going bad and bad places going bankrupt, this means that this information is provided 'as is'. The advice is: double-check before you find yourself standing before a closed door as your team walks onto the pitch for the World Cup final ;-)

Finally, this list relies on your submissions. So if you know a Rugby pub that's not yet in the list, please go to the submission form first.

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