Rugby Guide for Victorians (AFLers)

20 teams will be competing for the title of "World Champions". This is a bit like being AFL champions, except it allows teams from outside Victoria to win. Each of the 20 teams represents a different country, which is a lot different to AFL. However don't let this confuse you. Most of the teams are very similar to one of the AFL teams, and they even have club songs (called "national anthems").

When you're tipping just think of the corresponding AFL club and you can't go wrong. Well, not much anyway.

New Zealand - Collingwood
Appear to be top notch, and think it's their destiny to win - but rarely do, much to everyone's delight.

England - Adelaide
Everyone wants to beat them.

Australia - Brisbane
Always seem to win the games that matter - somehow.

France - Sydney

South Africa - Essendon
Not as good as they used to be.

Ireland - St Kilda
Sentimental favourites but never do much.

Wales - Hawthorn
Were good once. A long time ago.

Scotland - Geelong
Skirt wearers and too inconsistent to threaten.

Argentina - Fremantle
Better than they used to be, but not there yet.

Italy - Richmond
Long-haired pretty boys.

Samoa - Melbourne
Mystery men.

Fiji - West Coast
Entertainers...and that is all.

Canada - Western Bulldogs
Love a scrap.

Georgia - Kangaroos
No supporters.

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