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This list is not meant to be complete, merely an attempt to share my ever growing list of bookmarks with the web community. I have chosen to restrict this page to webcams on motorways, highways and roads alike rather than camera's in town. The line between them, however, has sometimes been hard to draw, particularly when websites were providing multiple shots from one city.

If you find a dead link (including cams not working anymore) or if you want to suggest another camera, please use this feedback form. Thank you!

Last update: 30 July 2017 (changes marked **)

Queensland. Cams throughout the state, but with an obvious focus on Brisbane and the South-East.
Perth, lots of cams from the WA Department of Transport.
Sydney, NSW

Nationwide cams brought by ASFINAG
Tirol. Links to webcams throughout the province.

Flanders, a lot of cams from Flanders (Vlaanderen) and Brussels.
Wallonie, cams from the Francophone part of Belgium.

Nationwide cams.

Czech Republic
Prague innercity cams from the capital submitted by Ty

Nationwide cams from

Nationwide cams brought by the Finnish Road Administration

France Collection of cams from the French toll motorways
** Centre Est Cams from DIR Centre Est, on state roads around Lyon.
** DIR Est Cams on national roads in the Grand Est.
Lyon, Périférique
** Massif Central Cams from DIR Massif Central, the state road operator in the region.
Mont Blanc, cams at the French portal of the Mont Blanc tunnel between Chamonix and Courmayeur.
Paris, a look at the Périférique from the TF1 tower 1 | 2

Baden-Württemberg. Various cams throughout the state.
Bottrop, Gelsenkirchen and Gladbeck in the Ruhrgebiet region. 10 inner-city cams.
Dresden, several cams in town
Essen, Dreieck Essen
Hamburg, cams on the A1 (Saarbrücken - Köln - Lübeck) and the A7 (Flensburg - Füssen)
Hamburg-Stellingen, cam on the A7 (Flensburg - Füssen)
Hannover, Autobahn cams around Niedersachsen's capital
Hessen, cams from around Frankfurt. 1 | 2
Köln (Cologne)
Magdeburg, cams throughout town
** Nordrhein Westfalen Statewide cams.
Rheinland-Pfalz, motorway cams through the state.

Nationwide cams from

Dublin, traffic cams around the city

Nationwide Lots of cameras on the Autostrade Srl network, Italy's biggest.
Autostrada del Brennero. Cams between the Austrian border at the Brenner and the A1 at Modena.
Autostrada di Fiori, cams on the A 10 (Ventimiglia - Savona)
Bergamo, a cam along the A 4 (Torino - Trieste)
Bolzano (Bozen), views of the A 22 (Brenner - Modena) 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
** BreBeMi. Cams from the A35 (Milano - Bergamo - Brescia).
Brescia - Padova, webcams on the A 4 (Torino - Milano - Trieste)
Gran San Bernardo. A cam at the Italian end of the tunnel that connects Aosta with Switzerland.
Milano. Several cams on the ring road (Tangenziale) of Milan and on the A7 (Milano - Genova) near town. 1 | 2
Monte Bianco, cams at the Italian portal of the Mont Blanc tunnel between Chamonix and Courmayeur.
Napoli. If you want to see Napels before you die, check out these cams. 1 | 2
Roma, four cams on the ring road (Gran Raccordo Anulare)
Sterzing (Vipiteno) toll station, close to the northern terminus of the A22 (Brenner - Modena)
Südtirol / Alto Adige. Links to webcams throughout the province.
Torino, couple of webcams on the A 32 (Torino - Lyon)
** Torino - Aosta. Cams on the A5.
Torino - Milano. Cams on the westerly part of the A4 (Torino - Trieste).
Torino - Piacenza. Cams on the westerly part of the A21 (Torino - Brescia).
Veneto. Webcams on the A4 and A57 from CAV.
Venezia - Trieste. Cams from Autovie Venete.

Nationwide 1 | 2

Nationwide cameras from the Verkeers Informatie Dienst (the Dutch traffic information service).

Nationwide cams from the Norwegian department of main roads.


Nationwide from Estradas de Portugal

Nationwide cams from Slovenia's directorate of roads.

Nationwide cams from the Spanish Directorate of Main Roads.
Barcelona, many webcams in the Catalan capital
Madrid, inner city cams.
Sevilla, mostly shots from its urban area

Göteborg, cams around town
Ölandsbron, a bridge on the E22.
Stockholm, several cams in and around the capital

Nationwide cameras from ViaSuisse
Brüttisellen, just east of Zürich on the A1 (Genève - Zürich - Bregenz).
Genève, several webcams on the A1 (Genève - Zürich - Bregenz)
Gotthardtunnel, several cams on both sides of the Gotthard on the A2 (Basel - Gotthard - Chiasso) 1 | 2
Grand Saint Bernard. A cam at the Swiss end of the tunnel that connects Switzerland with Aosta.
Magadino on the A13 (Bellinzona - San Bernardino - Bregenz)
Sankt Gallen, cams on and around the A1 (Genève - Zürich - Bregenz)
Zürich 1 | 2

United Kingdom
Reading on the M4 (London - Llanelli).
Scotland, cams brought by NADICS

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